Science meets nature in this magical photographic process.



Design and make your own Cyanotypes. Science meets nature in this magical photographic process. It was invented in 1842 using natural light instead of a camera. Place ferns, flowers, feathers or leaves onto paper or fabric to block the sunlight and create a silhouette. 


Although the process is simplicity itself, it is at it’s best extraordinarily complex. You will be creating ‘photograms’ outside using the sun, the outcome can be unpredictable, as you start to deal with the intricacies of light. This is an alternative, liberating way of producing a photographic image, the only certainty is it will always be blue.


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⚡️All kit orders come with £5 to spend towards a real Indytute experience⚡️

Get inky and create your own lino cut print to use again and again. All the kit + 2 ink colours.

A pottery studio delivered to your home. 1.5kg of air dry clay, video tutorial, paints and all the kit to start your clay adventure.

A complete Kintsugi Kit including China and online tutorial, a wonderful present or take a creative break.

Create your own terrarium with all the tools and plants you need plus an expert on hand.

This kit includes everything you need to make the perfect Sourdough at home. A fantastic gift or perfect a new hobby.

A stay home experience. Create your own unique prints using this inspirational process.

Design and make your own birds from wire. A stay at home experience with creative kit delivered. Includes a live group, workshop.

Everything you need to create your own screen printed designs in a box.

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